Power Staircase Training Workout

A staircase can be a great training tool when you’re traveling but we use it all the time, especially when training power. By increasing the range of motion over which you can produce power and reducing the impact forces of each landing we can do more quality work with less soreness than we can on flat ground. 

Here is an example of a workout we like to do on our staircase which is 15 steps high. Just take your time between efforts to stay fresh and make sure you hit all of your steps! 

  • Double step ups and reverse step downs 4x (not shown)
  • Triple step ups and reverse step downs 4x
  • Crossover step ups and reverse step downs 4x
  • Quick single steps 2x
  • Quick double steps 4x
  • Quick triple steps 4x
  • Quick single jumps 2x
  • Quick double jumps 3x
  • Quick triple jumps 3x
  • Single leg hops 2x
  • Single leg 2 step hops 2x