After moving back to Austin from New York, I was looking for a gym with talented trainers where I could get a more personal experience. I needed a good routine and was having such a hard time finding a gym that fit my needs: no layered fees, no major crowds, no frills or "amenities" I'd never use, just good, smart people with excellent skills! I stumbled upon Driven Performance and it turned out to be the perfect gym for me! It's locally owned and operated, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges, it's walking distance from my home, and the people are incredible! I've been training with Heidi Bohall since January 2022 and have not only gotten my strength training back on track, I've significantly improved my mobility, stamina, and endurance. As a recovering athlete, my joints (mostly knees!) have taken a beating but with Heidi's depth of knowledge, experience and understanding of my particular issues, she's been able to help rehab both of my knees, giving me back confidence in their stability and strength. I honestly didn't think it was possible! No other gym or trainer in the Austin area will offer you the kind of quality services that Driven Performance offers. I love being a part of the Driven family and strongly encourage you to book an evaluation!

Lindsey Fletcher

Having been athletic all of my life what brought me to Driven was an effort to recapture the strength and movement that has diminished over time. Why I’ve stayed at Driven are results: an increase in strength, range of motion, endurance and improvement of the many aches and pains that come along with aging. This is a testament to a highly competent, committed group of trainers that possess the ability to respond to how my mind and body functions on any given day. Some days I’m more energized than others, but the trick is to get me to produce on my “down days.” This requires far more than just technical skill, equally important is variety, emotional energy and ingenuity.

Sandy Fleschman

Nutrition & Wellness

After many years of yo-yo dieting, Heidi helped me develop a healthy relationship with food and understanding of Intuitive Eating. Heidi is extremely empathetic, kind, and knowledgeable. She has extensive experience and a true gift for helping people become the best version of themselves inside and out.

Nellie Kerr

The 30 Day Reset was so exciting and it really helped me find my way back to the real me. I'm losing weight (11Kilos so far) and It seems I've just bought a wrinkle cream but not for my face but for my soul and my mind.I started loving myself a little bit more and feel more beautiful than ever! I am excited for this new journey!


I have been working on improving my health and wellbeing over the last few years, I joined the 30 day reset in January and over that 30 day period, I dropped 6 pounds and it didn’t even feel like I was on a diet. It was fun, with lots of structured meals and paying attention to some things that I did not notice until joining the program. I know that the 30 day reset helped me get to healthy body weight, that feels good and got me to a place that I love to eat healthy foods and be happy.


I really enjoy working with the Sally, she helped me find a new relationship with food, dieting and is helping me find a new love and appreciation for my body. She is a constant cheerleader for me and my growth and it is so fantastic working with her!


Pain Relief

I came to Driven after tearing my ACL for a third time and realizing that something needed to change with the way I went about training. At the time, I was very concerned that I may need to give up many of my athletic hobbies in an attempt to “protect” my knee from further injury. Driven’s training program was completely new to me, focusing not only on the knee but also the surrounding joints and muscles that all have the ability to influence the knee. Over time, I've found that I am stronger, more stable, and more adaptable than I have felt in 15+ years. Most importantly, I can tell that the team at Driven, and especially Andy, care deeply about my progress and have always given me their full focus and attention. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in on my behalf!

Robert Wooten

The personalized program I received from Driven Performance has been the single most important and beneficial step in both my recovery from previous injuries and surgeries and prevention of further complications. The
 attention to detail of the training, focused workout environment, and the engaging staff has made my time there the best decision I have made for myself. If it weren't for Andy, I would be really struggling in my ability to have a normal active life and perform activities to the best of my
ability. I came to Andy as a former professional golfer, recovering from a
recent double discectomy in my lower back. I also have calve leg perthes 
in the left hip as well as a slipped capital femoral epiphysis in the right 
hip. Andy was able to work with all those issues and design a program for
 me that made me both stronger and made my body more balanced to help improve and sustain previous levels of performance and prevent future 
injury. Thanks to him and his training, I am able to play golf and do all
 the things I want to do again without pain or limitations. Not only has
Andy made me strong again to be active, he has also helped me accomplish other goals for cardiovascular improvement and flexibility. He has pushed
 my limits again and I needed it. If you have specific needs or prior
 injuries that you want to overcome, or you just want to elevate your performance, then I recommend Driven because they have done so much for me and my overall well being.

Winn Smith

I called Driven on the advice of a friend after my doctor told me to start strengthening my knee before replacement surgery. Andy and his team developed a workout that in six months has not only achieved that goal but actually has me in the best shape I've been in years. The emphasis on stretching, balance, cardio and core muscle strengthening have me convinced it's one of the best decisions I've made.

Parker McCollough


I was having back issues and it was interfering with my golf game and quality of life. A good friend of mine Brent Buckman said Andy could fix me up. I have been working out with him for over 12 years now. The staff at Driven have been instrumental in helping me to understand the underlying causes of this back pain. Through an exercise and stretching routine I have been able to maintain flexibility and strength which has allowed me to maintain my distance off the tee. I love playing with golfers much younger and asking them how it feels to be out driven by a 60 year old.

Powell Thompson