Driven’s COVID-19 Guidelines

Now that we have reopened we wanted to give you a little insight into the steps we are taking to minimize the risk of disease transmission in this new era of COVID-19.  

When you walk through the doors we’ll ask you to submit to a non-contact temperature scan so that we can ensure you aren’t running a fever. We’ll also ask that you wash or sanitize your hands first thing before you touch anything in the facility and again any time you touch your face (don’t touch your face!).

We are planning on keeping our total headcount in the facility at 6 or less including a maximum of 4 clients in order to stay well under the the 25% occupancy rule enforced on gyms being allowed to reopen. This will allow us to keep plenty of distance between any clients using the facility at the same time. 

You’ll also notice your coaches cleaning regularly, making sure that every piece of equipment you touch is sanitized before you touch it and after you finish with it. Workouts will also be structured in a way that eliminates sharing of equipment that hasn’t been cleaned. We are using hospital-grade disinfectant to clean all of our surfaces and equipment in addition to the regular cleaning that the janitorial staff does. All of that said, we’d still highly encourage you to wash your hands thoroughly upon finishing your training session.

This will mean that all sessions will need to be scheduled with your coach to make sure that we can keep our numbers in check. It will also allow us to maintain far more than the minimum of 6 feet between each of us. 

As for masks, your Driven coaches will be wearing them at all times and would encourage you to do the same. Keep in mind the masks are not necessarily for your protection but for those around you, particularly when you are breathing hard. 

Finally, since we’ll be operating on a schedule that allows us to socially distance and stay under our occupancy numbers we’d ask that you try to arrive right at your scheduled time (not early!) and plan on exiting on time. Our goal will be to get you a great workout in 45-50 minutes so you can minimize contact with other clients and we can thoroughly clean the equipment for the next client. 

Maximum Capacity – 4 clients, 6 total people

𝥷 Maximum number of bodies in the facility: 6 

𝥷 Maximum number of individual clients at one time: 3

𝥷 Maximum number of group/semiprivate clients at one time: 4

What group clients should know about our safety procedures

  • Plan to arrive on time (not early!). Group workouts will be 45 minutes so that we have time to fully sanitize the gym before the next clients arrive.
  • Bring a water bottle. 
  • Come dressed out – shower facilities are closed.
  • Wear your mask. As of June 22 it is required to wear a mask in Austin unless it poses a greater physical or mental health, safety or security risk to you. 

What clients can expect upon arrival

  • Be asked to sanitize your hands. We have hand sanitizer for you to use near the entrance and you can use the locker room to wash your hands.
  • A quick non-contact temperature scan. Anything above 100.4 and you’ll be asked to not train that day.
  • To be asked how you’re feeling and if you’ve had any contact with anyone exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.