Intuitive Eating Course and Coaching

Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach that teaches how to create and sustain a healthy relationship with mind, body, food and exercise. When practiced, one is able to trust their physiological cues and prioritize both nourishment and satisfaction, experience food freedom that breaks the chains of restriction and inevitable compensatory behavior, and maintain a healthy weight range that supports biometric health markers while replacing food worry thoughts to those which are supportive. Click here to learn more about the Intuitive Eating approach.

Our Intuitive Eating course will provide you with an introduction to the ten basic principles of this approach while taking a critical look at dieting and a healthful approach to satisfying eating balanced with exercise through self-paced content, video lessons, audio practices, and application activities contained in a digital workbook. To more fully utilize these lifelong tools, we recommend pairing the course with Intuitive Eating coaching sessions so you can receive the greatest benefit through additional support and customization.

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Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Customized nutrition and wellness coaching tailored to you, empowering sustainable ways of approaching food, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Whether you need some knowledge-based guidance on your journey to finding nutritional balance, some supportive structure to meet specific goals, or a body positive approach that lifts you up rather than tears you down, our nutrition and wellness coaching provides you with tools and support to develop your own unique healthy balance.

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