At Driven Performance Training, we specialize in creating programs based on your training history, injury history and goals.

Individual Training

No two bodies are created exactly alike. With our individualized programs, we’ll create the program that best fits you: your body, your style, your goal. The Individual Training option provides our highest level of specialization and personal service. Through our qualified performance specialists, we’ll build a program based around your history, goals and interests. If you’re recovering from an injury, have a specific training goal in mind, or just prefer to workout on a one-on-one basis, this is the ideal fit for you!

We offer both in person and virtual training options so you can take advantage of our expertise at our facility or from your home.

Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private training groups host a maximum of four members and are individually programmed based on your history and goals. This setting is ideal for members who desire a personalized workout and enjoy the camaraderie and accountability provided by a small group setting.

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