Driven Holiday Fitness Challenge 2017

As we all know, the holidays can be a challenging time to stay on a healthy course. The opportunities to miss workouts and eat poorly seem to keep coming, so the Holiday Fitness Challenge exists to provide incentive to stay on the right track by rewarding you for working out and helping avoid those costly food fouls that are so easy to make this time of year.

Here’s how it works. You’ll form a 4-person team and choose a captain (if you don’t have a team and want to be assigned to one, just let us know via email or by submitting the form with an X in the fields for additional team member). Once you’re signed up, your team captain will enter each team member’s exercise and food foul points each day by noon. Exercise points will add to your team’s total and food fouls will subtract from it. Contest starts November 20th. Yes, everyone is probably going to commit a lot of food fouls on Thanksgiving Day.

You are welcome to have anyone on your team that you like, but we’d advise you choose people that you know to be reliable.  Ringers, spouses, family members who need a little extra encouragement and potential Driven clients are all welcome (there may be a bonus if you can get a first timer to come in and work out with you ;)).

New for 2017

Two new elements for this year to be aware of before we get to the scoring system:

  1. For the first time ever, we’re charging an entry fee to join the challenge in the form of a children’s toy donation that you can make at either our downtown or Lakewood location. Toys need to be new and in their original, unwrapped packaging. Not a big deal if you can’t get it to us before the contest starts, we just need it by December 1st.
  2. Have you ever wished you could erase that -1000 point food foul day you had the day before? Well, now you can! This year you can turn a negative food foul day into a perfect +100 food foul day by making a donation to one of our selected charities, Jeremiah Program and Helping Hand Home (or a charity of your choosing). You pick the amount and email the receipt to and we’ll change your score. No need to bother your captain – just tell us what day you’re taking your “mulligan”. Make your donations to Jeremiah Program here, donations to Helping Hand Home here.

Now, on to the Details….


When you sign your team up, you’ll want to select the division you want to compete in.  Which one best describes you and your team?

  1. Pro Division – You are obsessively competitive and aren’t afraid to break into the gym to earn points or run at midnight.
  2. Real Folks Division – You’re down for a little competition, but circumstances prevent you from exercising more than four hours per day (Those in the pro division would call them “excuses”). Whatever.
  3. Party Division – You could use a little encouragement to get into the gym and stay on track during the holidays. Sort of like a tuxedo tank top.

Reporting Guidelines

If you’re the captain of your team, you’ll be sent a form you’ll complete each day with each team member’s points included. Be sure to report your previous day’s points by noon or receive an auto -1000 score per non-reporting person. Set an alarm. If you’re not the captain, get your scores in as early as possible so that your captain has time to submit the scores for the team.

Exercise Point Values

Walking/running – 100 per mile *This is not “daily steps”. Only count these if you go for a walk

Cycling – 25 per mile

Mountain Bike – 30 per mile

Standard Driven workout – 500

Versaclimber – 15 per 100 feet

SkiErg – 8 per 100 meters

Rower – 8 per 100 meters

Yardwork (involving sweat) – 150 per hour

Golf (riding) – 200 per round

Elliptical – 100 per mile

Yoga/pilates – 200 per hour

Home workout/Group training – 350 per hour 

Tennis/basketball, etc. – 500 per hour

Swimming – 300 per mile

Food Foul Guidelines

“Food fouls” are intentionally vague. Our contention is, if you have to ask if something is a food foul, it probably is. They can be quantity fouls (too much, too little) or quality fouls (unhealthy foods). Whatever you settle on, stick to it. A Holiday Fitness Challenge victory based on lies and moving goalposts would be a sad, hollow victory.

PERFECT DAY (+100) – No food fouls. You’ve had a normal diet and abstained from any food fouls. 

LEVEL 1 (-100) – A minor violation. This would be a normal day for most people. Maybe you had something you know wasn’t very healthy. Or perhaps you just had a little too much, even if it was good food. Single, small violations fit this category. But if you had two, you’ve moved to:

LEVEL 2 (-500) – Multiple minor violations. You haven’t been perfect, but you haven’t totally blown it, either. Generally 2-4 minor fouls.

LEVEL 3 (-1000) – An egregious violation, or just a really bad day. This happens when you’ve totally blown it. It may just be an epically bad meal, or it could be a mass of minor violations. If you’ve committed more violations than you can count easily, you’re in this category. If you have one of these days, you might as well enjoy it. -1000 is your score for this day, regardless of how bad it gets.