Anything is Better than Nothing


As a trainer, one of the most often asked questions I get is “What’s the best exercise routine for me? I want to (insert goal here).” I get this from friends, teammates, even new people I meet. I have answered this a few different ways, but there is a common theme every time I talk about it and this theme applies to any goal: Anything is better than nothing.

Don’t currently have an exercise routine? Great, then you have the opportunity to improve the most! Now, getting to the gym can be difficult or intimidating to someone just starting out, but like I said, any movement is better than no movement. It doesn’t always mean going to the gym. Just a little bit of moving around will increase your body’s metabolism during that time, increasing your caloric expenditure. In addition, movement creates an increase in blood circulation – which is beneficial for healthy cell and organ function, and also generally tends to make people feel better through improving joint and muscle mobility.

If you already have an exercise routine but still haven’t reached your fitness goals, adding a bit more movement to your daily routine could be a great way to help get there.

Okay, you know moving around is good for you, but you just “don’t have time for it.” No problem, here are some easy ways to get more movement in your day to day:

  1. Take the stairs – easy enough. Work on the Nth floor? Cool, start with a couple flights and work your way up!
  2. Don’t be a “Princess Parker” – going grocery shopping? Don’t be the person that circles the lot for one of those close spots near the door. Find the first spot you see and pull in, you’ll probably save some time too!
  3. Be intentional with breaks – I know (hope) you don’t sit at your desk for 8 hours straight, then get up and go home. Stand up every once in a while, do a couple stretches during a break. Walk around the block during lunch.
  4. Go for a walk. The weather is nice this time of year and it’s light out, so go enjoy it. Bring the dog, bring the kids, bring a friend. Don’t have any of those? Perfect, you’ve got plenty of time then.
  5. Don’t just watch; Do! Play with the kids/pets instead of just watching them play. Don’t have any of those? Perfect, you’ve got plenty of time then. Go do something – putt putt, bowling, one of those PubCrawlers I keep seeing on the street

Ever heard the phrase “use it or lose it”? This principle applies to movement as well. One of our favorite sayings is “Force is the language of cells,” which basically means the body is going to respond and adapt to whatever you’re doing, or not doing. Movement produces forces through the body, which causes it to adapt and get stronger. When you stop moving, the body loses its ability to function effectively. And far too often, we end up losing the ability to do the things we love most.

So get out there and get moving! Need more ideas? Feel free to ask away here.