Ski Prep

Are you ready for this year’s ski trip? Get your legs and core ready with one of our Ski Prep training programs! With 2-3 focused workouts per week, these programs will take you through a 6 week build that will improve your strength, balance, stamina and coordination so you can maximize your performance and enjoyment on the slopes.

*We’d recommend most people start out Green, particularly if you’re over 40. If your fitness level is already at a high level, blue may be a better choice. Black is only recommended for advanced athletes or those who have completed the blue program.

Still not sure? Check out this sample workout from the Intermediate Program

Cycling Strength Off-Season

Driven’s Cycling Strength Foundations 1 program has been designed specifically with the competitive cyclist in mind and will provide you with a solid foundation that will help you make next season your strongest yet. We’ll utilize dumbbells and bands to create a training stimulus that will improve your mobility, increase your power and help you stay healthier.

If you need a no equipment version, select our Bodyweight Program.

Program Details:

  • A 6 week training program that includes 2 gym-based workouts per week with an optional third weekly workout for lighter weeks on the bike. * Workouts are 30-40 minutes long and can be done with limited or no equipment depending on the program you select. * Video tutorials for every exercise in the program.
  • Includes 3 Follow along supplemental training videos:
  • 15-minute Post Ride Mobility and Flexibility
  • 11-minute Upper Body Foam Roll and Massage Ball Soft Tissue
  • 22-minute Lower Body Foam Roll Soft Tissue
  • Includes E-mail support from the Driven coaching staff


Foundations 1

Foundations 1 is a 4 week training program designed to get you back on track, creating a daily workout structure designed around the equipment you have available to you, even if that is no equipment at all. You’ll get up to 6 workouts per week with video tutorials for each individual exercise so you’ll go into every day with a plan to follow. Choose the equipment option that fits your home workout setup the best.