Pain is a part of being human.

Sometimes due to an acute injury, sometimes a constant companion that stays with us.

It can be tricky – don’t move at all and you’re likely to feel more discomfort. Move too much or in the wrong way and you’re in even more pain. That’s where we come in. Our expertise is getting to the heart of the matter and using purposeful movement to expand your pain free range. We understand that every situation is different and are adept at figuring out what the right stimulus is for you. Sometimes that means avoiding the affected area and training what we can and sometimes it means actively reducing your discomfort through improved movement in the other parts of the kinetic chain that aren’t in pain. Sometimes both.

The bottom line is this – whether coming out of post-surgical rehabilitation, or just worried your back pain means you can’t work out, come see us. You may be surprised at what your body is capable of with the right stimulus.