The 30 Day Reset Results

The 30 Day Reset results are in!

In April we had our  30 Day Reset and it was fantastic! We had over 50 women and a few men, from all in 9 countries around the world, participate in this 30-day health and wellness sprint!

One of the highlights of this Reset was our very active (and still active) 30 Day Reset Facebook group, that is exclusive to only past and present Reset participants. (So if you want to be in, you have to join the 30 day Reset next time!)

I asked the participants to complete a survey and the people who responded had some really fantastic body changes and mindset results during this 30 days!

Here are the numbers:

  • Total of 66 lbs lost
  • Average of 4 pounds lost per person
  • Over 46 inches lost (!!!!!)
  • Average of 4 Inches per person

And we all know numbers just on measure of success, but really aren’t even the most important measures of success, it’s the mindset shifts are really move the needle, long term. These amazing women reported how taking part in 30day reset changed so many other things besides just losing weight…

  • Noticed their hunger cues more easily and were allowing them to dictate their food choices
  • Noticed when they were feeding their feelings instead of eating because they were truly hungry
  • Found new ways to relax and have fun during the day and at night, instead of turning to food.
  • Noticed that they were using wine and eating to “take” the edge off, found that they actually felt better without those things
  • Started putting themselves and their health and needs on their priority list.
  • Had more energy
  • Felt more in control of their eating and impulses around food
  • Started to understand emotions surrounding food!
  • They had fewer and less intense cravings
  • Found they felt better-avoiding dairy
  • Found they were stronger than they thought they were! ( my Favorite!!)

Wow, I mean WOW!

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

So much can happen in just 30 Days, especially when you commit to yourself, your body and your health!


Be well,


P.S. We are doing the 30 Day Reset again in September if you are interested, get on the INTEREST list.  If you are interested, you definitely want to get on the list to find out all the details! And if you can’t wait until September to start changing your life, contact me at and we will set up a free mini-coaching session to discuss goals, road blocks and see how working with me can change your life! Schedule yourself HERE

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